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A-26 Invader Units of World War 2 (Combat Aircraft 82) by Jim Roeder, Janusz Swiatlon (Artworks by)

By Jim Roeder, Janusz Swiatlon (Artworks by)

Osprey's research of the A-26 Invader devices' participation in global conflict II (1939-1945). Designed to mix the bombing potential of the B-26 Marauder with the flexibility of the ground-attack A-20 Havoc, the A-26 Invader might turn into the USAAF's assault bomber par excellence. in a position to flying low-level strafing or traditional bombing missions through easily altering the nostril configuration of the airplane, the Invader first observed motion in 1943 within the Pacific Theater attacking Japanese-held islands. Arriving in Europe numerous months later, the A-26 served with contrast for the rest of global conflict II. in truth, the layout proved such a success that it'll cross directly to fly strive against missions for one more twenty years. Written via army aviation professional Jerry Scutts and illustrated with brand-new colour profiles and infrequent images, this is often the 1st publication to concentration completely at the A-26's missions in global conflict II.

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The time allowed was three-and-a-haIF his aircraft. The flak hit had bent a portion of the nacelle upwards, causing minutes. I was descending at a rate oF2000 Ft per minute, which [ figured much drag that hampered the single engine perFormance of his A-26. would bring me over the bomb line at an altitude of 3500 ft indicated. --l o 'Lt Ford suFFered a nine-inch laceration of the scalp when the A-26 we were in enemy territOry and only two-and-a-halF minutes From the airspeed had Fallen to 150 mph and] wa losing altitude, which caused en under the telephone lines.

L- experience on this mission. He received hits in the leFt engine coming in "'By that time we were at about 3500 Ft indicated and my rate of descent « to the target. At the ame time his right engine began to leak oil. He had decreased to 1600 Ft per minute. The gunner tried unsuccessFully to u salvoed his bombs and headed For Friendly territOry. 1t was all he could do get the bombs out with the doors open. As a last resort he had to jettison to keep the A-26 in the air until he finally spotted the airfield at Venlo.

A PFF B-26 would arrive over the target and illuminate it with Aares. Two A-26s would then approach the target, one of which was designated the 'master bomber' co direct the activities of the other aircraft in the target area. The other A-26 was designated as 'marker bomber', and it would drop a coloured marker co indicate the target to the following A-20s. Each marker bomb would emit a red, yellow or green trail, which would burn for four minutes. After the marker bomber had dropped his marker the master bomber would direct the A-20s, one at a time, over the target.

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