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A Companion to Hume by Elizabeth S. Radcliffe

By Elizabeth S. Radcliffe

Created from twenty-nine particularly commissioned essays, A significant other to Hume examines the intensity of the philosophies and impact of 1 of history's such a lot amazing thinkers.

  • Demonstrates the diversity of Hume's paintings and illuminates the continuing debates that it has generated
  • Organized through topic, with introductions to every part to orient the reader
  • Explores themes comparable to wisdom, ardour, morality, faith, economics, and politics
  • Examines the paradoxes of Hume's concept and his legacy, protecting the tools, subject matters, and effects of his contributions to philosophy

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The best case for materialism is therefore an experimental philosophy that shows the adequacy of materialist styles of explanation. Hume’s skeptical philosophy is designed to satisfy just this requirement. Finally, Hume’s skepticism has a political consequence: it rules out the dogmatic radicalism of the philosophes, recommending instead a more thorough-going commitment to experimental methods and values. The experimental philosopher must remain, as the Treatise’s Introduction affirms, within the constraints imposed by a cautious examination of human life, and by the judicious collection and comparison of experiments; and the consistently skeptical spirit requires us to be diffident of our solutions no less than of our criticisms.

Morris shows how Hume’s thought has informed current debates over the problems of induction and causation, and how his views have affinities with contemporary naturalized epistemology and cognitive science. Morris claims that Hume’s most significant and underappreciated contribution to epistemology is his firm refusal to do metaphysics. ” Elizabeth Radcliffe then explains the roots in Hume of the contemporary Humean theory of motivation, the “belief/desire” model, which has become the standard theory of motivation for naturalists.

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