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A first book in logic by Henry Bradford Smith

By Henry Bradford Smith

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After this toggle is latched down on the debonder, this push screw is directly grabbed by the end of a rotating wobble-stick. Then, the push screw is rotated, pushing the sample toward the blade until the ejection of the cap occurs out of the sample. This is the debonding system used for the results presented hereafter in this chapter. However, the rotating wobble-stick was shown to be too weak for some samples. A new generation of debonder is under study with a fixed sample and a slow step-by-step approach of the cleaving blade toward the bevel.

Since in the following, the presented characterizations are performed on LT-UHV-STM systems, the selected glue has to stay conductive at 4 K, to be UHV compatible and hard enough to bear all the transferring steps through the successive chambers of our systems and first to resist the debonding step. Two kinds of glues have been tested: indium and a conductive epoxy polymer (EPO-TEK H21D). In our case, with our UHV “debonder” system EPO-TEK leads to the most reproducible results in term of stability.

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