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A flora of northeastern Minnesota by Olga Lakela

By Olga Lakela

A plants of Northeastern Minnesota used to be first released in 1965. Minnesota Archive variants makes use of electronic expertise to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique college of Minnesota Press editions.

A guide for the identity of the ferns, fern allies, flowering crops, timber, shrubs, and herbs of Minnesota's Arrowhead zone, this quantity lists 113 botanic households and describes 1,300 species, with keys for identity. There are eighty line drawings of plant species and 419 maps displaying distribution.

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Variegated Scouring Rush. Stems perennial, evergreen, simple, each terminating with an apiculate cone, the white-rimmed black sheaths with persistent teeth. 12343 marshy meadows, sw part of area, n of Floodwood. Lab to Alas. E. hyemale L. var. ) A. A. Eat. Tall Scouring Rush. Stems stiff, to 10 dm high, evergreen, unbranched, or rarely branched in f. --Shores and embankments, common. 1382 Minn Pt, Duluth; 11842 Lac La Croix. f. polystachyum Prager. 11162 St. Louis-Aitkin Co line, Hwy 2. Var. intermedium A.

11713 Crooked L, Curtain Falls; 8272 Prairie L. Lab to Nfld to Alta and se. ) Carr Hemlock (Japanese name of one of the species) T. ) Carr. Northern Hemlock. Medium-si zed trees up to 15 m tall with graybrown scaly bark; leaves petioled, mucronate, thin, with prominent midrib, scattered but appearing 2-ranked from twisting of the petiole, which falls off on drying; twigs slender, roughened with sterigmata; ovulate cones terminal; scales thin; seeds winged, maturing the first year; staminate cones in leaf axils of young twigs; pollen not winged.

Macrospora Dar. Quillwort. 7 mm thick, prominently ridged-reticulate. --Infrequent. 13173 Bald Rock L off Rainy L. 17917 Gun L, n of Ely. Nfld to Minn. I, muricata Dur. Spiny-spored Quillwort. 5 mm thick, sharply muricate. --Common. 11510 Iron L, Curtain Falls. 3889 Myrtle L, n of Orr. Greenl, Lab to Alas. OPHIOGLOSSACEAE (GRAPE FERN FAMILY) Perennial plants with erect fleshy rhizomes; roots fleshy, cord-like; leaves (fronds) of sterile and fertile blades on a common stipe, with sheathing base; veins free, forking or reticulate; sporangia globular, distinct or embedded in blade margin.

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