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A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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Green when transparent. The chrome spinel, Picolite, is yellow to brown, sometimes almost opaque. The spinels crystallize in well-defined octahedra, giving often granular no square sections in many directions on faces of octahedron such cleavage traces. " Dark between crossed nicols. I. 71). Occur sparingly in granulites and gneisses, also in the basic igneous rocks, especially the variety picotite. ; ; ; = 5. Cr2 O 3 FeO. Regular. by acids. Before the blowpipe gives green beads with borax, and opaque yellow with carbonate of The last reaction is very delicate and highly charsoda.

2|. G of decomposition, first becomes bleached, then converted into chlorite. Lenticles of calcite, chlorite, or epidote, and rhombohedra of dolomite or chalybite, frequently form between the cleavage planes in the process. In thin sections they are yellowish, reddish-brown, or greenish to almost opaque. All the black and brown micas will here be grouped together as varieties of biotite. Absorption very strong and pleochroism very marked, FIG 27. SECTION OF BIOTITE, almost exactly parallel to base, showing- regularly arranged In granite, Sikinclusions of rutile needles.

The twin lamellae extinguish symmetrically on either side of the twin plane. The : extinctions, as given as follows by Messrs. Levy and Lacroix, are : TO OIO. -18 + 4 + 12 + 21 + 32 C over 50 In both cases ambiguity exists between albite and andesine, but this is of little real moment, as they occur in quite different classes of rocks, and there is seldom any chance of confusion. It is entirely removed by observing certain other characteristics. Thus a felspar having a greater specific gravity than quartz must be at least as basic as oligoclase, while those with a higher refractive index must be andesine or an even more basic variety.

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