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A short grammar of the Bulgarian language, with reading by by W. R. Morfill ...

By by W. R. Morfill ...

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NeK-o-x-we 2. nen-e ncK-o-x-Te 3, nen-e neK-o-x-jL CONJUGATION WITH PKESENT SUFFIX. 41 #, Pres. stem neK-e. PRESENT. 1. neK-2. nen-e-Mi 2. nen-e-iiii. nen-e-Te 3. nen-e neK-x-Tt 2. HCHH 1. neH-b-xt nen-t-x-ivie 2. nen-e-me nen-t-x-xe 3. nen-e-iue nen-t-x-z, IMPERATIVE. neMCxe IMPERFECT. STEMS WHICH END IN M AND 5. a, Inf. stem part. pass. TIH-, H. ' past part. act. II. oe-J'L ; Kjeii,. AORIST. Sing. /3. 1. Plur. Kae-x-Me Kae-x'L Pres. stem Kii>H-e. PRESENT. 1. KJTLHX. 1 2. 3. 1 Also ; past 42 BULGARIAN GRAMMAK.

Ceao, Sing. ' THE NOUN. * 2. ' Plur. Sing. N. 6orHHa 6orHHH G. na 6oriiHa na 6orHHH D. na 6orHHa na 6orHHH A. 6orHHa (SorHHH V. 6orHHe 6orHHH Proper names of women belong to this declension. Here again the inflexions are much fuller. ' N. * G. na Pa,a,a ua D. na Pa,a,H na A. Pa^a Pa A o V. ' Mapra, N. G. D. A. V. /iHii,H BeaMKa BCJIHKO 4TH DECLENSION. t (^)-STEMS. The only trace of is this declension in modern Bulgarian found in the plural termination -OBC in monosyllabic Signifying, literally, ' ' Sunday.

6H-e-nie 6ii-fl-x-Te 3. 6H-e-nie 6ii-fl-x-z. 6ii-e-M rb IMPERATIVE. i 6H-H-TC IMPERFECT. 6H-H-X-M6 ' Hi-, makes comes the verb 6n-, f to be/ the tion of which will be given on page 59. ; Sflfc-, to 3Haia, but also, according to V. 1, 3naMT. The j is Slavonic y. it must be pronounced y. use this letter, which cannot be confounded with inserted to avoid the hiatus It is preferable to ; 44 BULGARIAN GRAMMAR. Second Class. STEMS WITH CONNECTING VOWEL a. Inf. - ; I D^-STEMS. past part. act. II. flHrHaUT) ; past part, pass.

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