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Acoustic Phonetics (1999,2000) (Current Studies in by Kenneth N. Stevens

By Kenneth N. Stevens

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Perhaps more important, projections indicate that the composition of this young-adult population will change in significant ways over the next decade. The total number of individuals aged 21 to 25 is expected to decrease from around 21 million to 17 million, but the total group will include a larger proportion of minority group members. (p. xiv) The passage moves, in a rather illogical way, from the unemployment rate of young adults to the changing demographic composition of the young adult population.

In 1998, the National Academy of Sciences’ report Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children (Snow et al. 1998) appeared amidst much applause and approval from the public, politicians, and educational organizations like AERA, IRA, and NCTE, organizations which, by and large, with some dissenting voices, celebrated the report in newsletters and sessions. The report served as the intellectual basis of the highly influential National Reading Report (National Institute of Child Health and Development 2000), a report commissioned by the government and whose results have become a legal basis for what constitutes, for federal funding, “evidence-based” research in reading.

Furthermore, it is an accident of history as to which dialect gets to be taken to be the standard—a reversal of power and prestige in the history of the United States could have led to a form of AAE being the standard, and the concomitant need here to save from negative judgments dialects that are closer to what is currently viewed as Standard English. The other features of our sentence are also quite common across languages. The juxtaposition of the subject “my puppy” to the front of the sentence is a way to signal that a speaker is switching topics or returning to an old one.

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